MATA by Optometrist is a spectacle, sunglasses and contact lens retail outlet, wholly owned by MiMATA Optometrist Sdn Bhd.

MATA by Optometrist is not a typical optical retail outlet as it also performed comprehensive clinical eye examination.

Optometrists in MATA by Optometrist specialize in various Optometric disciplines including Pediatric Optometry (Children Vision), Binocular Vision (Eye Strength & Coordination), Geriatric Vision Care (Eye care among elderly), Behavioral Optometry (Learning abilities through vision enhancement), Eye Diseases and Special Contact Lenses.

Major benefits received by MATA by Optometrist’s customers include free consultation on current trend of eye wear, fashion advises as well as superb customer service. Professionalism in MATA by Optometrist is the highest as it can be. Vision problems and eye diseases of the customers are handled with precision and delicate care.

It is the mission of MATA by Optometrist to become your first and only choice of PRIMARY EYE CARE PROVIDER.